Sunday, May 10, 2009

I need some brandy alexander....

Don't Fight the Fate; it will transpire regardless, with or without your doing! In the words of Charli (Alex Diesel)
We catch ourselves reminiscing when we need to give our situations to our most high and live for the now. Different circumstances may not be what we want or think we need, but GOD has a divine plan for everyone of this world. I feel like GOD is going to do big/huge/enormous significantly successful things in our lives. It’s time to put trust in to our god. Sometimes you may never know when GOD will work in your favor, and it may be hard to start from the beginning but if you sit and wait and just be patience then you will see his favor come in to play.

SAFETY TIP #1: Just start your day off by having HOPE (feeling) sort of like a drive that motivates you, then have faith (confidence or trust) and believe anything is possible, and then you’ll find your fate (destiny) your purpose in life.


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