Sunday, November 1, 2009

Third Vison Ent

CHECK OUT ROBERT JORDAN III he is a talented young man that is all about uplifting the pure sound of music. Today I will be the first one to say that music has turned into something that is unappealing to my ears! Robert is involved in a series of projects at PVAMU one consist of him and his roommates Deuce, and Willie P.

There will be more to come from Third Vison Ent

Here are pieces of statements that Robert has posted on his blog.

1. For those who may not know you, or what you do, tell us about yourself.
My name is Robert Jordan III or better known as Three. My name represents myself and the Men who made me. I'm a Music Producer, Poet, Video Editor, Artist, Writer, Graphic Designer, and creative innovator.

2. What does Third Vision mean?
Well, Im the third (III) and I express myself through creative arts which i consider my visions. This blog is a way to connect my vision of the world to the world.

3. Why do you consider yourself a creative innovator?
I consider myself a creative innovator because of the fact that I love to create music, drawings, videos, lyrics, and basiclly anything that can be altered.

4. Where do you think your creativity came from?
My mother hands down. I got my discipline and mind control from RJ II (r.i.p), but all my creativity and talents were influenced by my mother. She raised me to understand that I can do, express, and create anything that my mind could build.

5. What is it that keeps Robert Jordan III alive?
God, Love, and Creativity.