Friday, August 7, 2009

Sublimely Powerful

Never in my 22 young years of existence have I ever felt such a strong sense of purpose. A moment in this journey towards eternal life, I feel may be the most impactful for me than any other experience thus far or to come- the opportunity and privilege of teaching and cultivating the future of our world. I have suddenly conjured up an excuse for teachers not being the highest paid career in the history of careers. Its because teachers pay is there students success. Teachers pay is the excitement of waking up early every morning to go and dictate the future through what we teach and instill in our students. WOW, do I feel powerful or what! This life of purpose that GOD has bestowed upon me is simply unbelievable, I CONTROL THE FUTURE. OK,I'm a bit redundant but its for a... purpose! lol. I have been chosen for the teaching and preparing of these little naive, malleable, ambitious creatures that we refer to as students. These students are essentially the FUTURE itself! they will be the next OBAMA, the next GATES, the next OPRAH. Somewhere in a classroom is Malcom X reincarnated, Huey P. Newton born again, Mother Theresa, Michael Jackson, James Brown and Jay Z, Colin Powell and Shirley Chisolm waiting for their time and opportunity to assume their rightful positions in society. My ability to activate these leaders inside of all of them is a beautiful burden. My effectiveness of explaining a verb versus a noun, a simile versus rhyme scheme will ultimately contribute to the channeling of their unique God given Genius. It is quite possible I might spend more time with my students than their parents and family, I hope not, yet a sad reality for some. My ability to inspire, to motivate, to educate and create curiosity will ultimately mold them into who they will become. Observe a classroom and there you have it, the most credible source for predicting the future(besides, obviously, the fact that GOD controls life itself) . Forget the statistics, the solution and the answer to the mystery of life tomorrow lies in the student and their capacity to learn and grow into meaningful citizens of this global community. I feel sorry for any teacher that is just going through the motions and has yet to realize their enormous obligation and POWER. Yet, I look forward to their moment of epiphany because man is it surreal, well at leat it was for me! Teachers are the surrogate fathers and mothers of children all over the world. Everything I do when planning for class is always deeply rooted in, "how does this increase lifetime opportunities for my students and society". This power I am so excited about is not power I solely posses but the power I speak of is completely dependent upon and only exist (in regards to me) when I TRANSFER it from my myself to the students. The ability to transfer, rather transcend power from myself to my students is what makes me feel so meaningful. I feel it is my duty to not only make sure my students retain the technical info needed to past standardized test, but to teach them life skills that prepare them for when life and the operating of society is officially transferred from me and other generations to their generation. It is my hope and dream that the daily affirmations, newspaper articles, inspirational songs, the chants,the pep talks and the one-on-one teaching meshed with my passion and their drive will translate into them possessing sublime power that will pave the road of progress and evolution for the human species. We are all teachers, whether in or out of a class, whenever we see someones "lack of whatever it is we have that can help elevate their state of existence", we then become SUBLIMELY POWERFUL. So I challenge all to think about what exactly are you doing with this power that you possess,because it really isn't effective power if you cannot not transfer and transcend it to continue beyond your stay here on earth. Do you want your power to die when you die?

Please excuse any typos, I'm suppose to be working and stopped and typed this, now I have to get back on task
-Alex D