Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Eclectic Beauty: Sincerely, Danielle

Eclectic Cru Charli Cooksey

Eclectic Cru: Charli Cooksey

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Clinnie B. Talking
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cant even blog about the subject... feelings are scattered
The ones you love most arent afraid to argue or act up with you because they KNOW you love them and your gonna be back. They know that youll get over it...
but when you just get tired of something... and you grow unhappy.. what are you supposed to do.. stop living your life?? because they claim you dont have one... since i wasnt doing the things you wanted me to do with my life it means i dont have one?? since i had to redistribute my time you complain.. which i dont get cause you were one the first people to ever help me find another job! since six months has passed and i sworn to stay with you... you stopped being considerate and started being belligerent.
behind every successful man is a successful woman they say... well i didnt want my woman behind me.. i wanted her beside me supporting me as i go... and understanding that all this pays off in the future.. but we were living for the moment not preparing for the future.. now we are separate for the moment and have no future...
some people never show you the respect you want until you wipe the smile off your face and yell. some people never take you serious until you catch an attitude. some people catch an attitude when you get serious. some people never realize that being falsely accused every five seconds hurts a mans pride.. esp when he knows he isnt doing anything. some people never give the trust back that was given to them. some people roll their eyes when you dont tell them what they want to hear. some people do little things because they know it gets under your skin. some people listen to your problem with them and try to solve it by telling you what you did wrong to them. some people never stop to think well maybe i shouldnt do that.. because he/she might not be here tomorrow.
see i only feel bad cause.. me and those type of people end up the same way tonight, and prolly many nights to come... alone
and i still love you too
...but this is good bye