Saturday, April 11, 2009

Can't Fight The Fate

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.... Brilliant, sublime,eccentric yet necessary MOVIE!

The movie encompasses so much, you can watch it endlessly with a quest for deeper symbolism each time

Regret...why do people have regrets? The shoulda, coulda, woulda's and only if's, and the if I could only (take it back)- consume us so much that we are blinded by the inevitability of LIFE. We can't alter fate, run from it, hide or eradicate what is already written. The movie seeks to expose and encourage ppl about such a harsh yet honest truth and sublime reality. Reality, why can't we deal with our own individual reality's? The ability to erase from one's memory what we regret occured is cheating the challenge of life. And the Eternal Sunshine acknowledges destiny and reminisces on the reflection of a couples love as Jim Carey's character realizes he doesn't want to destroy his most fondest experiences, the good and the bad. The good tends to outweigh the bad, simply because the good is sooo .... (flippin) Good, so genuine and perfect for what it is, the good- are experiences that cant be replaced, moments you wish you could hold on to for eternity but instead you lock them in your mental cavities to reflect upon when in need of a smile or some light on the dark, cruel days. The bad memories, are so necessary, they are essential to the appreciation of the Good, (bittersweet). Clementine erased Jim Carey or Joe(?) Barish from her mind with the expectation of never commencing in a commitment with him again or even being aware of his existence and yet inevitably they end up back together again. Jim Carey enters his process of eliminating the very existence of Clementine and as he travels the course of their relationship from the beginning to end, he mentally battles to escape his great escape from remembering her. He realizes that Ignorance isnt bliss, To love and lose is better than to never love( r forget the love one experiences in this case) at all (so cleche!!!). They end up together regardless! We all strive to forget the bad but we lose the good when we forget the bad. How do we know what is good, unless we know what is bad to compare the two. We all have endeavors waiting for us to begin and we all have a past, a present and a future and they all work together and collaborate and exists interdependently to create what makes us who we are and create the life that is meant for us to live. Celebrate and jus deal with it! It is written, just let it be and when you look back on it all, you will say, It all makes since Now! It was worth it! God knew what he was doing with me! OhHHHHH, .... thats why that happened! The eternal sunshine of the spotless mind of a virgin complacent to not knowing the world and all it has to offer is not worthy enough to continue its existence on earth, because the virgin promotes mere stagnancy, complacency, doubt and fear for what has been intricately weaved and designed for them to travel through and become one with (harsh, when i say not worthy enough, but rather they take life or the possibility of it for granted). Life is finding Sunshine without a Spotless MInd, but a open heart and mind eager to be filled with the thoughts, lessons and experiences the Man above has in store for us. Don't Fight the Fate, it will transpire regardless, with or without your doing!
-Alex Diezel (charli)

It’s the cycle of life.

Things move in cycles in life because humans haven’t learned how to get it right the first time.
So we all as humans have to look at earth as a whole
Or we’ll keep taking the same test….

It’s the cycle of life.