Saturday, December 12, 2009

Asheli Atkins VERY ECLECTIC....

I had the opportunity to meet Asheli in 2008-2009 one of my close friends roomed with her best friend which was very fun! lol (lots of Taboo) then again in a Political Sociology class, she is sooooo funny, and a very sweet girl. I wish her all the best on her endeavors in life!

Behind every Vixen Event lies a strong-minded and highly skilled entrepreneur, Asheli Atkins.

With the vision of luxurious and upscale events in mind, while still embracing the modern trends of today, Vixen Events is the next wave in event planning.

With a keen eye for details and a determined attitude, Asheli will assure you that your Vixen Event becomes an effortless escape.

No budget is too small or dream too unrealistic for the Vixen Event enterprise.

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