Saturday, June 6, 2009

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The answer to the question varies because some might say yes and some might say no, but in all reality I think we all know that in some way or another Fashion is and can be very racist. Lets face it, designers only want people who are “pretty” and who can look good walking down their runway, it’s sad that women can be so stereotyped just for how they look, but sadly, it’s the truth. Fashion as we know it is something that many enjoy watching and enjoy taking part in the fashion world, but where does the line get drawn about who gets hired and who doesn’t? When we think fashion, we think of tall, skinny young ladies who don’t ever eat but why isn’t it ever plus size girls getting the job? Are we saying that plus sized people can’t and wont look good in the same clothes as the thinner ladies do? Yes, they may not have the same hour glass or stick figure as others do, but no matter how great fashion may look, what’s behind it is what really makes one wonder. Overweight women are just as capable of walking down that runway, so why aren’t they given a chance? Fashion can be called racist in so many ways. We have designers who say that they make their clothes for certain people. Tommy Hilfiger stated, " I design my clothes for white people only and not for Muslims." This was stated a couple years back on live television. So there you have it, a true answer to the question that many wonder about, IS FASHION RACIST? Written by: Suha Diab

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