Friday, April 10, 2009


I was asked this question the other day in an interview, and I gave the first random answer that popped n2 my head, although genuine, it wasnt necessarily an accurate embodient of what truly inspires me.

I inspire myself! not in an arrogant way, no Kanye! lol but tHE realization that so much un manifested potential lies within me which has yet to evolve into a working idea or implemented plan. We all should embrace our potential and strive consistently and wholeheartedly to channel such possibilities within ourselves and let them resonate into a tangible reality. God woke me and alot of other people up this morning, he will most likely do the same tommorow, while others stay asleep never witnessing another day on earth again. Why? I think its because God gives each of us Purpose and it is our duty to fulfill that purpose. We must be inspired by the gifts planted within us from above and let that inspiration fuel us to realize our dreams. So, when we are bored, lost, without vision or purpose or motivation, let us be inspired by our own brilliance and inner eclectic-ness and thus edify our lives and the world we are IN until our purpose has been manifested. And we will know when that day comes because all that will be left of us ON PLANET EARTH is our legacy and the purpose rEALIZED for others to take advantage of and possibly carry on
-Alex Diezel (Charli)

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