Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Steven Lopez and Erykah Badu collection

Steven Lopez has always been fond of art. He found himself drawn to murals, paintings, sculptures, music and other art forms at a very young age. He loved to draw as a child and loved to listen to inspirational music. After High School Lopez made a solo move to Oregon to attend college. He graduated in 2000 with a degree in Fine Arts.

The support that he received during college became the catalyst that would move his talents forward. With guidance and encouragement from friends, professors and classmates, Lopez began sharing his art with the public. He had his first opening in 1998 at the Cannibal Flower Gallery and has had continued success with several openings since. The amazing experiences and interactions during this period of his life cultivated life long relationships that still inspire his work.

Early on Lopez discovered that Jazz, Funk, Soul and Hip-Hop seemed to be ingrained into his very being. Not only did these influences release his creativity, they brought it to life. You can still see this in his respected graffiti art, as well as in his unique contemporary style that has become the “After Midnight Series”.

Lopez has had his art featured in Los Angeles at the Grind Gallery, Fenario Gallery, Nucleus Gallery and the Blue Bird Gallery. He has also worked with big names like Reebok, Nestle, X-Games, Coachella, Vans, Sims, United Way, Spy Optic and countless music videos and hotels. He has also made appearances on Fuel TV, BBC and the Discovery Channel.

Lopez’s work is still inspired by relationships he cultivates with people, music, and art. What he learns from people and life experience is the foundation of his work. His formula is and always will be story, substance and then style.
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